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Greek Fund – We Locate Smart Opportunities That Appeared Due To Covid-19

Udi Avital , Chairman SMI
Greek Fund – We Locate Smart Opportunities That Appeared Due To Covid-19

Alternative Investment Fund in Greece

SMI has set up a dedicated fund to take advantage of opportunities created by the corona crisis, the fund is focused on real estate investments in Greece.

The fund focuses on the purchase of residential real estate buildings in the areas of students and tourism.

What motivates the need of people for leisure and tourism?

It could be seen that between the quarantines of the Corona, when the skies were open to some countries of the world, many Israelis took advantage of the window of time and booked flights to Greece. The entrepreneurs of high-tech companies took it a step forward and have chosen to make the Greek islands their jobs for these months. Everyone has tried and still are trying to take advantage of Corona’s lost time to rest and “escape” quarantines.

In which areas does the fund invest?

Athens – The capital of Greece is one of the most significant tourist and economic hubs in the country. The city concentrates most of the government institutions and government ministries. In addition, the volume of traffic and demand for housing and tourism are the most significant in Athens. The city has a number of significant landmarks such as historical tourist sites of thousands of years, which serve as a magnet and pilgrimage sites for every foreign tourist, visitor and even of residents living in the Greek islands.

SMI’s Alternative Investment Fund Greece is dedicated to identify investment opportunities that were created after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. SMI acquires multiple assets under one fund, out of thinking of creating a dispersion between multiple assets in areas of demand in the country for the investor.

The selection of assets in the fund is made using an investment filtering model developed by Smart Money Investments based on the many years of experience of its specialists, with individual acquaintance and after conducting in-depth research.

Why do we believe the Greek fund is the answer to the trends?

Investors with positive economic trends – a country that has been on the path of economic growth and recovery since the 2011 debt crisis.

Residential real estate prices are on the rise – apartment and house prices in Greece have been rising since 2012.

Has not realized its potential – the prices of residential real estate in Greece are still far from the all-time high set even before 2008. The world economy has developed and expanded since then, tourism in Greece has soared and all this is not yet fully reflected in the value of assets.

A country far less affected than others by the Corona crisis – even when world tourism was silent, Greece was considered a green country that received tourists and where tourism operated.

Greece has become a sought-after investment destination among funds – the many beaches and spacious construction, have pushed the worlds rich to invest in Greece.

Where do we invest in Greece?

The Greek Foundation examines and locates properties in major cities and prime locations where the demand for properties is highest in the country, in cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, also in the islands of Paros and Caminos (which are islands where demand for tourism and housing has been steadily rising in the  recent years).

About Author
Udi Avital
Co-founder and chairman of SMI
Avital is one of the largest experts in Israel in the field of wealth and capital management and in particular in alternative investments, mainly in real estate abroad. He is an insurance agent since 1987 and an expert in the fields of insurance, pensions and finance.
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