This is how it all began

This is how Udi Avital, an expert in alternative investments and with a high status in the Israeli economy, founded SMI - Smart Money Investments

Udi Avital, owner of the "Quality - Insurance and Finance" group and "Avital Group - Family Office", recruited a team of experienced professionals in the capital market, insurance and real estate investment industries and together they have executed a series of alternative investment transactions in overseas markets.
They went together for several years and built real estate investment funds in countries like Greece, Spain and the UK.
The joint work has borne fruit, successful investments and collaborations. Thanks to the results, Udi decided to establish the joint activities and establish the alternative investment fund SMI - Smart Money Investments.

Each of the experts in the fund brings to the table a unique professional side: from the worlds of insurance, financial planning, investments and risk management. The knowledge and experience acquired by the team over decades, helps us in making solid and measured decisions for the best investment.
30 Years of experience
127 Employees and collaborators
Founder of the company

The Founder

The company's founder is an expert with decades of experience in the world of investments in the capital and real estate markets.
In addition to his role, SMI's chairman, Udi Avital, also served as chairman of Israel's Financial Planners (EFPA) and has accompanied hundreds of investors in the real estate, capital and finance markets for the past decades.

Udi Avital

Founder and Chairman of SMI
Udi Avital is one of the biggest experts in Israel in the field of wealth and capital management, and in particular in alternative investments, mainly in real estate abroad. He is an insurance agent since 1987 and an expert in the fields of insurance, pensions and finance.

Avital serves as a founding partner in SMI and is chairman of the fund's investment committee. In addition, in recent years he has set up a number of real estate investment funds in the UK in the residential sector, to a significant extent. Udi has served as a director of alternative real estate investment funds and has been involved in fundamental investment decision-making processes and rigorous due diligence.

Other Key Positions - SMI

Guy Kleinboim

Legal Department
We have selected Adv. Guy Kleinboim and the leading team in Israel in the field of overseas real estate investments to build for our investors, the right and best legal structures in all the target countries. Attorney Guy Kleinboim of GBK Law Firm, provides contractual and legal assistance to investors and serves as a loyal lawyer for investments made in SMI funds.

Dr. Zvi Gabay

Regulatory Department
Dr. Zvi Gabay, former head of enforcement at the Securities Authority and one of Israel's leading experts in the field of alternative investments. Dr. Gabay advises Smart Money Investments funds on all regulatory aspects. The fund meets the most stringent standards when it comes to regulations and regulation thanks to Gabay's advice.

Almog & Co.

Finance Department
One of the leading accounting firms in Israel in the field of investments and finance, which serves as the accounting firm of SMI Funds.
Almog's uniqueness is a combination of investment expertise, along with due diligence and audit services for financial statements.

Gal Dickstein

Finance Department
The company's CEO and founder, Gal Dickstein, is a former Tax Authority official and advises Israel's largest clients in the field of international taxation. Gal Dickstein's advisers provide the SMI Foundation with guidance on issues of international taxation, income taxes and more. The accompaniment is individual to investments that investors choose in funds and is not comprehensive tax advice on additional assets.

Linda Pesach

Customer Relations Representative
Linda has decades of rich experience as a senior representative in a sales center in the finance industry.
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