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Starting from- 75,000 EUR / USD

SMI is a company that specializes in establishing and managing Real-Estate investment funds around the globe.

Finds properties and leads successful projects.

About SMI

SMI - How do we do it

"Recession proof debt funds an opportunity for a stable investment in a volatile economy"

Smart Money Investments, as stated in its name, locates profitable investments opportunities for your “smart money”. We know where to find them thanks to our unique investment models that helps determine when and where to invest.

Our purpose is to spread the risk as much as possible and maximize the potential of the investment. We operate under a tax structure that is adapted to the Israeli investor and institutional bodies. The company has a tight legal coverage for securing your investment money in a trust fund throughout the timeline of the investment.

The funds focus is on real estate investments in various areas, according to a dedicated and distributed investment policy for each fund.
The investment in each country is made after a thorough and in-depth analysis that has been conducted in the specific area in which SMI plans to invest and it has been found that there is an amazing chance and a unique opportunity for a quality investment.

In those selected countries, the fund establishes a local infrastructure of partners, contractors, consultants and experts who monitor its activities closely and supervised from the moment of purchase until the realization of the investment (exit).

The investments in the fund are made after the approval of each project in the investment committee, in a responsible, conservative and careful manner, which enjoys decades of experience and knowledge accumulated by the founders and the professional staff that accompanies it.
The company is committed to investigate and examine its activities at all times, while constantly improving, learning and building legal and administrative mechanisms that will supervise and protect the investments funds. We do that with the best means available, while constantly developing newer and improved mechanisms.

Projects in process

A new method for safe investments in real-estate all over the globe.

Our specialty

Our focus

Student Residence

Medium-term rental with fixed income from the holding company with the option to sell as a populated property.

Sheltered Housing

Protected Housing for the Third Age under long-term agreements with institutional bodies.

Renewable Energy

Power plants and solar fields under long-term agreements with institutional bodies.

Long-term rentals

Assets purchased from IRA Financials for long-term drunkenness agreements.


Investments for provident money, training and pensions with use for Amendment 190
3 Investment Paths

SMI’s investments model allows its investors to invest even with a smaller budget

Euro-Bond Investment Path
Starting from - 75K USD/EUR
Capital investment Path
Starting from - 70K EUR
Integrated Path
Enjoying The Benefits Of each path

How we do it

Our Method

Preliminary filtering
Through preliminary analysis and filtering, SMI locates investment opportunities in its areas of activity and in compliance with the investment policy.
Due diligence
By establishing a local and external infrastructure including analysts, lawyers, and CPAs, SMI provides comprehensive analysis of both incoming and outgoing funds.
Off we go!
All relevant parameters for investing have been examined and only the approval of the investment committee remains. The approval of the investment committee gives final approval, indicating a green or red light.
Building a dedicated model for each project that the fund purchases and adapting it to the fund's investment policy, and its strict criteria, followed by approving the project in the fund's investment committee.
Off we go!
The investment in the selected project is confirmed and the money of the investors are in action. SMI are ensuring the rights of the fund and the investors in the project and keeps a close supervision of the activity of the project and its performance until we sale the asset.
Investment committee approval
Oversight is needed during the final stages of approval. The committee includes the company CEO, a trustee, and a senior analyst. The committee must provide final oversight and control to verify that all steps of the process have been completed correctly. In addition, it must ensure that all necessary approvals are in place. The committee signs off that all necessary steps have been taken. This oversight will ensure that the process was conducted properly.

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