• Looking for a profitable investment opportunity in the student housing market?
  • Look no further than Sunrise at Mission Overlook, where half of the units have already been sold.
  • This new development offers 80 attractive townhouse units, each boasting three spacious bedrooms, walk-in closets, and private bathrooms.
  • Partly furnished and equipped with modern amenities, these units are perfect for student renters.

Sunrise at Mission Overlook is a great investment opportunity for those interested in renting out the units. The demand for rental housing often increases when the housing market is down, and Tallahassee is a city with steady employment and a large student population of over 70,000 students, making it an ideal location for student housing and real estate in general. Furthermore, Tallahassee has the most accessible rent prices per average income in all of Florida and a positive migration rate, which means more people are moving to the area.
Tallahassee is the Capital of Florida and also has the supreme court and all of the federal offices. Tallahassee is proud to be the home of many academic institutions, specifically Florida State University which is a nationally accredited university and one of the top academic institutions in the United States.


We estimate a high annual return rate from rent and projected increase in property value even during economic uncertainty. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in Sunrise at Mission Overlook. Contact us today to learn more about purchasing a unit or to schedule a tour. Rest assured that buyers will be accompanied by a lawyer, escrow, and the title company during the whole process, from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction. We will ensure that you are guided through the process until your tenants move in. The construction of the project is under the charge of Hartsfield Construction Company, a well-known and experienced company with over 1000 properties built in the great Tallahassee area. The process of buying is simple and easy.
The building is set to finish in May 2023 and investors can expect housing tenants as of May to June 2023. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in Sunrise at Mission Overlook. Contact SMI today to learn more about purchasing a unit or to schedule a tour.


Features and Amenities:

  • 80 brand new and accessible Townhouse Units
  • Over 50 units already sold
  • 3 Spacious Bedrooms with Walk-in Closets and Private
  • Bathrooms
  • Partly Furnished with Modern Amenities
  • 120 Square Meters of Living Space
  • Private Country Club and Pool in the Neighborhood
  • $210,000 per Unit
  • Building set to finish May 2023, tenants expected MayJune 2023


Contact SMI
Phone: 03-6228050
Address: Sapir Tower, Tuval 40, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Learn more about investing in ”Sunrise at Mission Overlook”


At 120 square meters, the two-story townhouses offer plenty of space and comfort for students. And with a private country club and pool in the neighborhood, the units are in high demand among students seeking a comfortable and upscale living experience.
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